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Reflection for Holy Week

Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD HOLY WEEK IS NOT FOR GOD'S SAKE. HE DOESN'T NEED IT. IT IS FOR US! Just imagine you only have one week left to live, and you know it. What do you do? Some might say, "I guess I'd want to know how God would want me to live it." Fortunately, we do know… Holy Week, the last week of Jesus' life punctuated by betrayal, violence, surrender, death and victory! A perfect culmination of a well spent life exclusively for others! A categorical definition of Life, humanness and holiness! It is a challenge for every one of us to be really human in the midst of terrible insults, violence, heinous crimes- a culture of death. Each word, act and rite of the Holy Week points to the enormity of God's love for us. We remember and share in God's passion for us. But they also speak of the God who interrupts our lives in ways which challenge and confront to become a more fervent individual and parish afire with love, belongingness. The Holy Week speaks of the truth that God: has come to us to save us, has taken on our ways, has spoken our language, has made our human circumstances a tool of saving power. The liturgies of this week speak in word and symbol of great truths of our faith… giving is not absurd, love is victorious, all we do or say has a new and splendid meaning, that above and beyond and through our pain and confusion, life is gloriously affirmed. Holy Week is not a mere remembrance of the passion and death and resurrection of Jesus. It is an actual reality. What we celebrate in each liturgy this week is our entrance HERE AND NOW into the newness of life that is ours through our union with the risen Lord. Holy Week is about life. It means life is for giving. It means that if you love enough, if you care enough, then you have to show it. The change from suffering to glory, from death to life, from darkness to light, from sin to grace, from hatred to love, from shame to glory. from individualism to altruism from separation to unity.. from indifference to solidarity It is the change we celebrate at EVERY Eucharist, but ESPECIALLY during the events of Holy Week. May our full participation in the Holy Week celebrations create a sense of belongingness in our faith community and enable us to grow in solidarity with one another!


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